Oceanic Moments

Captain Mike

I came across this term years ago and it resonated with me. I now use it to describe specific moments in my life of profound bliss or happiness, which generally describes the feeling I get any time I’m on the water.

As a feeling it goes beyond joy, being existential. So, true to the ideals of the Bodhisattva, and despite bouts of cynicism as we humans trash the planet, I prefer having others around me for these moments. I do not long to sail around the world solo, that’s just TOO MUCH TUNA. My dream would be to have a big boat and diverse crew for adventures like Calypso. And I’d want a good variety of stuff onboard to eat besides tuna!

I was fortunate to spend my youth in the Ocean State (Rhode Island), getting wet. I’ve owned a few boats and currently my Cape Dory 33 Sanderling is getting ready to splash for the season!