Oceanic Moments

Captain Mike
enjoying Narragansett Bay!

I discovered this term years ago and it resonated. It’s the best title for my blog. For me it describes moments of bliss and oneness. As a feeling it goes beyond joy, and is a bit existential. Like the Bodhisattva, I prefer having others around me for these moments. I’m not one to sail around the world solo, that’s just TOO MUCH TUNA.

I was fortunate to grow up near the ocean (in the ocean state). I watched Calyspo adventures on WGBH television and had my own local adventures catching minnows to feed my pet piranhas.

You’ll find posts here on boats and other topics like art, technology and teaching. My current boat is a Cape Dory 33 Sloop from 1980, a vintage fiberglass yacht that sails great. One of my great joys is taking someone out for a sail on Narragansett Bay who has never been sailing before.